Fashion Revolution University of Malta is part of the global movement of Fashion Revolution focusing on raising awareness and engaging with their core community through different activities such as events, social media campaigns and more. Their mission is to educate and engage consumers on our islands about the social & environmental impacts caused by the fashion industry at large and how their consumer choices could enable change on a larger scale. Their aim is to engage said consumers in the conversation to begin asking #WhoMadeMyClothes and demand for a more sustainable fashion industry and a circular economy for all.

Here are Fashion Revolution University of Malta’s recommended eight tips on how to get into slow fashion:

  1. Filter through your wardrobe and try and style different items in ways you didn’t think possible before.
  2. Before buying a cheap, new clothing item, ask yourself whether you really need it, if it’s made to last and if you see yourself wearing it in the future.
  3. Support second-hand and get into the habit of swapping with friends/family.
  4. A clothing item doesn’t become waste until you waste it. Challenge throwaway culture and choose to repair or repurpose damaged clothes.
  5. Wearing an outfit more than once is not something to be ashamed of. Let’s normalise outfit repeating.
  6. Care for plastic-based clothing in your wardrobe in more sustainable ways e.g., don’t wash your clothing everyday and use a microfiber catcher.
  7. Be a consumer activist. Demand your favourite brands to be transparent about their supply chain.
  8. Take utmost care of the clothes you already own. Loved clothes really, really, really do last.


Fashion Revolution University of Malta
Fashion Revolution University of Malta

Fashion Revolution UM is a student organisation aimed at educating and encouraging other students to adopt slow fashion practices. We form part of the global movement 'Fashion Revolution' —  the world's largest fashion activism movement which aims at mobilising citizens, industry and policymakers through research, education and advocacy work. As the University of Malta team, our goal is to amplify the advocacy of this movement while promoting a culture of conscious consumption and consumer activism on campus.

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