Sustainable Industry

The European Pact for Sustainable Industry (‘the Pact’) aims at making the European Green Deal a success, by scaling up the impact of individual efforts made by companies, industry federations, and European policymakers and leaders.

The Pact will also contribute to the post-pandemic recovery, making it a blueprint for a sustainable future. The European Pact for Sustainable Industry sets out three different targets for each sector, namely:

  1. Industry Federations: to have a sustainability roadmap for each industry federation by 2024;
  2. Companies: to have 10,000 companies engaged in sectorial and cross-sectorial collaborations by 2030; and
  3. Policymakers: to leverage the collaborative actions of companies and implement an inclusive level playing field.

The Pact for Sustainable Industry must form a core part of Malta’s transition towards a green and digital economy.

With the Pact, companies and industry federations express their duty to collaborate constructively, actively and on an ongoing basis at every level, locally or globally:

  • To care about people’s health, families, jobs, environment and climate;
  • To increase the resilience of enterprises and support new forms of leadership, entrepreneurship and sustainable finance that creates value to society;
  • To protect and create jobs and innovate economic activities within a socially inclusive and just transition.

Let’s work towards building a sustainable Europe, and a sustainable Malta through a Sustainable Industry Strategy, together.

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