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Green Deal for Malta is an initiative launched by Ewropa Consultancy.

It is a platform providing a centralised one-stop forum for Sustainability matters in Malta. It is a collaborative platform with the aim of growing a community of like-minded people all passionate about making sustainability a reality for Malta.

Green Deal for Malta will showcase – in this one centralised forum – the sustainability work being done by various stakeholders in Malta. It will introduce thought leaders and community members willing to share their experiences, ideas, suggestions and solutions. It will also identify Malta’s companies or players who are leading the game in implementing sustainable practices.

While we have identified the most pressing sectors we believe need to be addressed namely Clean Energy, Green Construction, Clean Transport, Green Enterprise and Green Finance, we are interested in all matters related to sustainability.

Green Deal Malta is a non-political platform, which is not affiliated with any public or Governmental body.

How to join Green Deal Malta and Contribute

If you have any thoughts, visions, or even concrete ideas in relation to sustainability, please share them with our community. This can be an idea for a green architecture project, or for a Malta Bauhaus, for a particular use of sustainable or new green products, or even a new green business idea, or one for cleaner energy or transport. It could also be a new policy required for your business to be able to import or sell green materials or any challenges you face to go green. All experiences that can help us devise a realistic Sustainability Vision for Malta are welcome, both negative and positive, so that we can map a blueprint for the future, removing obstacles and promoting what works best.

Green Deal for Malta provides a platform where together, we will create a vision for a Sustainable Malta. We would love to hear from you and connect you with our growing community of people working towards making Malta, and ultimately Europe, the first carbon-neutral continent in the world. Find out more about how you can contribute to this movement here.

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Green Deal Malta is a non-political platform, which is not affiliated with any public or Governmental body.