We are honoured to introduce Ing., Michael Attard, to the Green Deal Malta platform! In his article, Michael gives us an overview of what the Association of Recyclers – Malta (AR-M) is all about, and what its main roles as an NGO are.  AR-M’s main purpose is to promote local recycling processes, through education and their services.  From an educational aspect, Michael explains how they continuously update their members regarding new legislation and promote the use of scrapped materials when manufacturing new products. With regards to their services, AR-M provide recycled material to large manufacturers, and also provide a wide range of services in Waste Management. Find out more about AR-M and what they do by taking a look at our interview with Michael!

The Association is a Voluntary, Non-Profit Making Organization. The aim of the Association is to promote recycling in Malta. The Association liaises with regulators in order to establish any interests and development of its members, through lobbying with policymakers and forums. It aims to promote local recycling processes, creating collaboration between key stakeholders to develop sustainable methods within the regulatory waste framework. Reg.No VO/1257

AR-M was established in 2018 and has since collaborated with Wasteserv in exporting WEEE (Waste from Electronic and Electrical Equipment) , Green MT and Greenpak which operate schemes representing producers who place goods on the market.

AR-M members offer a wide range of services in Waste Management through permitted sites which are covered with IPPC, IS09001 and IS0140001 quality standards. Inputs and outputs of waste collected are reported annually to the Environmental Resources Authority as required by regulations. Tons of waste whether ‘green listed’ or hazardous are exported by AR-M members each month offering advantageous terms through collaboration.

AR-M promotes the reuse of scrapped materials to create different products. It has showcased this in an event held by NGOs in Valletta over a period of one week. AR-M represents its members in WEEE stakeholders’ meetings organized by the Ministry of Environment.

AR-M members provide recycled material to manufacturers saving on the processing of new materials such as plastics and metals. This allows manufacturers to use sustainable recycled materials, reduces the amount of needless landfilling and cuts reliance on single use commodities making a substantial contribution to the Circular Economy.

AR-M keeps its members informed about new legislation and regulations. In collection of WEEE it has held discussions with MCCAA to improve the collection of spent Refrigerants which have an impact on Green House effect and on the Ozone Layer. It has promoted the collection of these refrigerants which are exported for high temperature incineration or recycling.

The current committee of AR-M is composed of Ms Mary Gaerty – Chairperson, Ing. Michael Attard – Vice President/Secretary and Charles Galea – Treasurer

For further information on Membership contact “The Secretary- Membership” Administration Building, Ta L-Imriekeb Ramallah Road Maghtab NXR6542 or contact Ing.Michael Attard -99430236.


Ing. Michael Attard

Ing.Michael Attard is the managing director of IMA Engineering Services Limited which he founded in 1994. With a first degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Material Science he has over 40 years experience in manufacturing industry mostly related to chemical processes and nanotechnology. For the past 10 years he diversified his company’s operations in Waste Management which focuses on separation of WEEE and non-ferrous metals contributing to the sustainability of materials through recycling. The company also handles hazardous materials and disposes of spent refrigerants.