Welcome to the Green Deal Malta platform!

The idea of this platform came to me when I realised that there is a significant amount of work which is being done in Malta in relation to sustainability and the implementation of a Green Deal for Malta, however it is close to impossible to follow and keep tabs of all this work and the myriad of stakeholders involved.

For this reason, I wanted to create a centralised one-stop platform for all matters Green Deal and Sustainability related to Malta.

Green Deal Malta will therefore:

1. Showcase the work being done by all stakeholders, such as the Ministries, public departments, University faculties, NGOs, associations, private sector entities, and individuals amongst others;
2. Introduce local and international talent and professionals in the field of Green Deal and sustainability; and
3. Identify and publicise the actions of those individuals, companies or entities who have actually implemented a robust ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) or green strategy in their daily work or business.

This platform will be your one-stop Green Deal database if you want to find out about the work and projects being done in Malta, or if you want to meet our thought leaders, policy makers, experts and community members who will be invited to share their views, ideas, solutions, and challenges to make the Green Deal a reality for Malta.

You will be able to find out who is leading the scene in this green revolution for Malta – which companies, individuals and entities are leading the green game, and how.

Gayle Kimberley

Sustainability in Malta

Sustainability is the EU’s overarching mission for the next 3 decades. Sustainability simply means that we continue our economic growth without depleting our natural resources and destroying the planet and environment for future generations. Sustainable development is in fact at the very heart of the European Union (EU).

According to the European Commission the main sustainability challenge for us Europeans is to decouple our economic development from environmental degradation and overcome the remaining social inequalities. This is why the European Green Deal came into existence and why this will be our main focus for the next decade.

The European Green Deal is the EU’s plan to make our economy sustainable. How? By aiming to do 3 things: (1) have no net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, (2) decouple economic growth from resource use and (3) include every single EU Member State equally.

As a first step, the European Commission has said that to implement sustainable development across Europe we need to begin, at the very least, with the energy, buildings, transport and industry sectors.

A Green Deal for Malta should take the EU Commission’s cue and begin with a short-term vision focussing on the 4 main polluting sectors identified by the EU Commission with the aim to:

  • Generate and source cleaner energy.
  • Make existing buildings efficient and build more efficient new ones.
  • Implement cleaner and cheaper transport.
  • Incentivise industry to use more recycled materials.

This would be the start of a Green Deal for Malta.

August 4, 2021

Together for Waste Prevention

As our next contribution for ‘Waste Week’, WasteServ speak about the ‘European Week for Waste Reduction’, a week in November dedicated to actions that raise awareness about waste prevention and…
August 2, 2021

WasteServ | Driving the Transition to a Circular Economy

As our first contribution for ‘Waste Week’, we are honoured to introduce WasteServ Malta to the Green Deal Malta platform! In their article, WasteServ discuss the concept of a circular…
Circular EconomyContributions
July 28, 2021

Introducing ‘Kummer: Umwelt Kommunikation’, a German advisory company leading the way in environmental communication matters’

As our next contributor, we are honoured to introduce Dr. Beate Kummer to the Green Deal Malta platform! In her contribution, Dr. Kummer speaks about a new energy project, as…
Sustainable ManufacturingContributionsInsights
July 21, 2021

Introducing Toly Products: How sustainability is being tackled by a global leading packaging supplier

As our next contributor, we are honoured to introduce Toly Products to the Green Deal Malta platform! In their video, Mr. Olaf Zahra, Chief Technology Officer at Toly, speaks about…

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